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Pursuit Fork Flex official skate rollerski of US Nordic Combined Team

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The US Nordic Combined Team will once again be training on the Pursuit Fork Flex skate rollerskis as they prepare for the 2024 season. The team has been skating on Pursuit Rollerskis since fall of 2021. We wish the men and women on the team the best in their training!

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Beginner Guide - Gear Needed for Rollerskiing

Watch this quick video about what you need for rollerskiing.

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Pursuit Fork Flex Extra Flex!

Check out the Pursuit Fork Flex Extra Flex, available on the regular, Plus, and Elite skate models. We had our design engineer optimize the flex in the spring steel fork design yet keep the strength the same. Ideal for lighter skiers or those looking for more flex in their rollerskis. See them close up in [...]

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Binding Weight

When it comes to weight or rollerskis, don't overlook the weight of your bindings. While rollerskiing is for training purposes, rollerskis are noticeably heavier than top of the line winter nordic skis. Weight adds up especially on long outings of 3+ hrs. We put all the skate bindings on the scale and weighed each twice. [...]

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Skate Rollerskis Key Metrics

Rollerski season is here and we get a lot of questions of how the major rollerskis differ and which is the best. For skate rollerski 101 on selecting the right rollerski, there are many things to consider, such as flex, durability, wheel speed, and price, but some easy to measure aspects we did the work [...]

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Fork Flex Inspiration

Pursuit Fork Flex rollerskis made of spring steel is a first where flex comes from the forks without pivot points. Back in 1981 Ski-Way had produced three-wheeled roller skis with suspension forks in front. Then in the early 2000's Dynasport Dynaskates of Norway invented by Rune Doennestad used pivoting forks with springs. This design was [...]

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Frame Extrusion

We make our frames in America. We get our aluminum frame tubing custom extruded in the USA and machine it here. Our Pursuit Rollerskis Fork Flex spring steel forks are also made here in America. Only part of Pursuit Rollerskis not made in America are the wheels which we import from a supplier we've been [...]

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Fenders are great for rainy spring weather!

For wet pavement check out our fenders. Made of flexible rubber that won't break off, you'll stay much dryer on wet pavement. You can get these fenders on any of our Pursuit models for $18 per set of 4. They come standard on our top of the line Pursuit Fork Flex model. Already have rollerskis, well they [...]

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Fork Flex Rollerski Flex Video Posted

Want to see how the Pursuit Fork Flex™ flexes? Check out the video below on Youtube of a 170 lb (77 kg) skier standing on one foot flexing the frame. 

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Fork Flex™ by Pursuit Now Available!

Fork Flex™ is reinventing rollerski flex as we know it. Over the last year we have been experimenting and testing this concept to get it right, and are excited to have it completed finally! Fork Flex™ is a proprietary design by Clayton Keim of RollerskiShop.com & Pursuit Rollerskis utilizing spring steelMajority of flex comes from the forks [...]

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